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Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021

AHG - Lider

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AGH-UST is one of the best, most renowned and most modern Polish universities, for years holding top positions in the press ratings of state technical schools of higher education. It is a leading Polish university in the fifi eld of modern technologies, rated highly on the international arena.


The range of research projects conducted at the university is wide and has always resulted from the structure and contemporary needs throughout the 90-year history of AGH-UST.Among 15 faculties and one multidisciplinary school there are faculties dealing with traditional yet systematically modernised branches of industry and economy (Mining, Drilling, Metallurgy etc.), faculties connected with particular fifi elds of technical and technological sciences (Geology, Geodesy, Electrical Engineering etc.), attractive modern disciplines such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Biomedical Engineering, as well as faculties connected with fundamental sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Geophysics, Sociology).


From its early days, the university has closely collaborated with industry and retained close links with the Polish economy. AGH-UST employees and graduates have played and still play an important role in the development of the Polish industry and other branches of economy. The university has a large group of independent researchers and scientists: nearly 300 holding the title of professor, and over 200 with postdoctoral qualififi cations.


The university has modern scientififi c research equipment, which enables us to conduct research at the highest possible level. Examples here can be: the most powerful in this part of Europe microscopes for testing the structures of metals, or the so-called “rigid testing machine”, which allows to examine the processes of rock cracking and crushing, electron microscopes, equipment for complex testing of solid bodies, especially their surface, mass spectrometers, numerous devices and machines for carrying out environmental tests etc.

The task of research, "Development of coal gasification technology for high production of fuels and electricity" funded by the National Center for Research and Development within the strategic program of research and development: "Advanced energy generation technologies".