ZAK S.A. (

ZAK S.A. is a leading Polish chemical company with a safe diversified product portfolio. The core businesses are: nitrogen fertilizers, plasticizers for plastics and OXO alcohols. ZAK is a company with an established market position, mostly offering products to the following industries: agriculture, construction, plastics industry, paints and lacquers and chemical processing.

ZAK has got an integrated, technologically advanced production plant, enabling production of final products on the basis of own raw materials. It’s advantageous location with access to strategic European roads, railways and water routes makes ZAK’s products  easily available,  in particular for partners in Central and East parts of Europe. ZAK has a stable situation within environmental protection set by law.

For its activity ZAK has obtained many awards, particularly in 2007-2010 ZAK won over 30 different titles and prizes.